The Foreword: Tunnel Thoughts


“‘So, what’s after school?’ Like I really got a part there.”

This blog has been very therapeutic for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve seen myself grow from the first to the last post.

Of all the lessons, though, I feel the most important has been realizing that I’m credible. My music is going to be everything I hope for it to be. The religious community I’ve been involved with my whole life has a strong love for money and status. If you don’t have those things, you’re essentially no one of importance. Please understand this is not a criticism. I’m only stating these facts to point out another–God has given me a remarkable gift and I plan on using it as effectively as I can.

The money and status will come if God chooses to give it to me, but I’m not going to allow the opinions and doubts of others to take away from the fact that I’ve been called by God to do what I do. His voice has been so clear! It is only through the Holy Spirit that a Biology major without formal training in writing music could write lyrics and melodies like mine. Eventually, my peers and my church will take me seriously, but until then, I invite you all to be apart of my journey because my success is really going to be a sight to see.

“Scripture: my mission.”

My goal is to be a beacon that points to Christ. That’s it. My team, my record label and anyone else working with me should never have to question my intentions. I want to go to Heaven and help others get there through my music and my actions. I want people to see me cry. I want people to see my struggle. I want people to see me going through this painful time because when I make it through, they’ll know my story. I will survive. I, along with the team of Hutton Records, will be something this world has been lacking: an extreme testament to the power of God. 

To my fans: Guys! I’m so excited for my future! I have no idea what it’s going to take to get me where I’m supposed to be, but so far, I’ve made it. And I’m very grateful for you taking the time to read what I’ve had to say in the past two months. This project is only the beginning. I will be writing more blogs for you guys and keeping you in the loop.

Thank you for those of you who downloaded my music and thank you to those who purchased my music. 

Thank you to everyone who’s been apart of this album.

Devin: I couldn’t have done any of this without you. You’ve seen me get mad. You’ve seen me cry. You’ve seen me at my highest as well as my lowest. More than an excellent producer, you’re an excellent friend. I look forward to being around through your development as a producer because you have a gift. Our paths will cross again. They have to! We have history to make!

Dre, Denae, Jason, Justin, Arion, Mommy, Armand: Your appearances on this project helped shape it into what it is. I’m thankful for your time and for enduring my eccentric need for perfection. I’m proud to say I know all of you!

To Hutton Records: This is going to be the ride of our lives. Most of it will be an uphill battle. My advice is to be kind and honest. Be humble. Stay prayed up and listen to the counsel of no one but the Holy Spirit. We have something that people need but it’s also something that the devil will do anything to destroy. We have to stay sharp and aware that Satan is just as real as God is. With that, I’m very excited for the future of this label. Let’s create and grow together not only as a company, but as a vital part of the body of Christ.

As far as my next move goes, I think the only appropriate answer is to do what God tells me to do. God has given me music to share with the world. At this point, who am I to do anything other than that?

“Thomas said to him, ‘Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?’ Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life…'” (John 14:5,6)

Go The Right Way.

Mani out.

Edited by K. Valcin


Dance With You

Dance With You

Everyone has that one person they’ll do anything for. It could be taking a spontaneous road trip just because they called and said “Hey! Let’s go!” or just playing musical chairs in the snow to the malfunctioning of an outside monitor. If they do it, you do it. Your loyalty isn’t due to any type of pressure, but the amount of love you have for them being in your life.

“I don’t even need a rhythm as long as You’re dancing close to me. I believe I can do anything ’cause I know You believe in me.”

Dance With You is about having such a love for God that you wouldn’t hesitate to do anything for him.

To be honest, when my brother Armand first sent me this song I had no idea what it meant. So I asked him why he chose the lyrics. He said, “…dancing is the most intimate activity you can do with a person [platonically].” I’d never thought of it that way before. You let go of every inhibition when you dance. Dancing is one of the most effective ways to show raw movement, raw emotion. God asks us to give Him full control of our lives. He asks us to dance! 

I’ve been asked to dance before, and let me tell you it is nerve-wracking! I always tell people if my life depended on dancing, I’d die. I just can’t do it. (Which I think is strange for a drummer)

God extends His hand to us everyday. We have to trust Him enough to let him surround us with his arms. His love! He IS love!

“There’s nothing left to say. Just take my hand in Yours.”

As I get older and learn more about life, God is seeing fit to bless me with wisdom, perception, understanding, and perspective. I am grateful because not everyone can say that. With that wisdom, I’m learning how to speak less and to listen much more. It’s good to sit in silence, in my opinion, because you don’t miss as much. Can you imagine dancing with Jesus and missing a step because you were busy chatting away? There are too many words when all we need is to be in His embrace.

Armand’s interpretation is similar:

“The music and the beat to ‘Dance With You’ was actually a project for a production class I was taking for Logic through Berklee. Then I realized that I really liked it, so while I was on a long trip in Germany listening to my German manager speak to one of the long-winded members in Naturally 7, I wrote Dance With You. The lyrics hint at a character trait within myself that few people know of. I don’t like long conversations. I just like skipping to the fun part. I love having fun. I love when my loved ones are having fun. Sometimes there are just too many words, and not enough time for fun. I love to dance like no one’s watching. And usually that’s when I dance…when no one is watching. So I thought about how would it be when we finally get to heaven. There will be so much joy. We’ll be doing a lot of dancing. The verses are very wordy, and the chorus basically says, ‘O.K. That’s enough talking…I just wanna dance in Your presence.’”

Sound familiar? This is why In Your Arms, Circuit Dialog, and Dance With You are in that order on the album. They’re a trilogy! You have the prayer, where you are relinquishing control and asking God to be real in your life. Next, comes the transformation period in Circuit Dialog. If you take the time to really listen to it, you feel the interaction between yourself and the Holy Spirit. Lastly, Dance With You wraps up the idea. It’s acknowledging that there really is nothing left to say. It’s the act of letting go. 

“Grace is really all I ever needed and You give it to me freely.” That’s so refreshing!

What are you waiting for? Wave your white flag! Let Christ make you new. Dance!

Mani out.

Edited by: K. Valcin

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Out To You

photo-9“I’ve been a fool for doing this on my own when I knew that I needed Your help.”

I love for things to go my way. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘control freak,’ but I like for things to happen the way I plan them. When they don’t, I get incredibly flustered.

You’ve heard the saying “haste makes waste.” 

God seems to take so long to fulfill His will that sometimes waiting makes me forget that His timing is perfect. To take it a step further, I often decide to move, which messes everything up. We’re all guilty of this. We’re human. And sometimes we associate our humanity with perfection, forgetting that God created all of us. The truth is, we are not infallible and we all need saving.

Only Christ is our Savior! Only He knows when to move.

“I just wanted to gain some self control, and start fixing me myself.”

Out To You is a prayer asking God to come into my life and fix what I was trying to do. Remember, I’m not a control freak but I try to do my best at everything before I ask for help. Sometimes, I never ask for help. You can’t have a real relationship with ANYONE if you don’t learn how to communicate. Communicate your fears, joys, wants– everything. The only way to fail at communicating is not to do it. I’ve had to learn that the hard way.

There’s not much for me to say about this song. If you fear with giving up control like I do, I encourage you to keep your communication with Christ strong. Talk to Him. A relationship with Him can fix your heart and give you what you need.

It’s a simple prayer. “Here’s my heart. I’m calling out to you.”

Mani out.

Edited by: K. Valcin

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In Your Arms

in your arms2I’ll admit it.

I get super scared.

In my life, I’ve been afraid of many things: fireworks, death, thunderstorms, darkness, sickness, The Boogie Man, bugs(!!!!), failure, Michael Jackson. But it never crossed my mind that one day, I’d have to fear homelessness until I turned 20.


“From the dawn of time, You had a plan.”

My family moved from the beautiful state of Maryland in July of 2004 down to the incredibly Red state of Alabama. As a 14 year old Marylander, I swore the move was a downgrade! I was devastated.

Little did I know, my family was in for much more in the years to come.

Six years after my parents’ divorce (7 years after the move to Alabama), we were evicted.

It was terrible. But wait, it gets worse.

In the next three and a half years that followed, my mother and I would move over fifteen times from friend’s house to friend’s house. Each time, unfortunately, we’ve been asked to leave. .

One day, I’ll tell my life’s story in detail but let’s stop here. I’d like to talk about what it’s like to be repeatedly asked to leave what I consider to be my safe place.

Bluntly, it sucks. Your home is where you go to get away from the elements. When your day is going terribly, the first thing you want to do is go home. Even when you can’t go home, sometimes thinking about being home gives you the comfort you need to push through. Your home is your personal sanctuary.

I don’t have that.

What’s worse is being welcomed into someone else’s home, being assured “what’s mine is yours,” and then being strongly encouraged to leave.

It gets worse.

Not only have I been asked to leave these places, I’ve also been accused of doing nothing to make my life better. I’ve been accused of being the reason why we’ve been asked to leave so many places.

My point is, the only constant security I’ve been able to find is in God’s arms.

“There I find love. There I find joy. There I find Hope. There I find You.”

This life has been scary for me. Full of fear and uncertainty.

I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. When others ask me how I feel about having to move so many times I say “Eh. I’m used to it now.” Because its the bravest answer I can think of. The fact of the matter is I’m never used to it. Actually, it infuriates and surprises me every single time.

The song In Your Arms is a plea for God’s presence. I need His security.

“Do the same for me! Come mold my heart and let me dwell in Your arms!” 

I hope this is making sense to you guys. I’m venting, but there’s a lesson to be learned here. God is the ONLY one we can rely on to be there for us. People care for us as much as they can, but God cares about us as much as He can, and He can do everything perfectly! So, ask Him for everything!

If you’re lonely, broke, sad, whatever, He will be there for you.

“…and You know all of my thoughts, my every desire. You’re all mighty God. You never get tired. So, here I stand. Don’t turn me away.”

I performed this song at my school once, and I found myself saying “I’m safe there” over and over. It’s true. God’s arms are the only safe place for me and for you. Let Him know how you feel. Give Him your heart. Hold Him to His promises.

Remember, He created the universe and He created you. Ask Him for your needs.

People disappoint, but God never does.

Mani out.

Post Script: If you ask me about the Michael Jackson fear, I’ll have to tell you the truth. It’s part of my “be a good person” quest.

Edited by: K. Valcin

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I’ll Fly Away


I hate waiting! 

“One glad morning when this life is over, I’ll fly away.”

Great! When?

At times, It seems like God makes us wait for everything we think needs immediate attention. Although I can’t always determine what God might consider “urgent”, I am learning how to be patient. I think that’s more important.

I’m realizing that understanding God’s timing is impossible. But trusting His timing isn’t.

”I’ll fly away” is an old favorite of mine from the early 80’s album “Can’t You See The Light” by a group called Paradise. I wanted to update the sound on I’ll Fly Away without straying too far from the arrangement, since I thought it was flawless, but the sound just wasn’t clicking. I’d even spoken briefly with Shelton Kilby III, the arranger, and received his blessing with encouraging words but I still couldn’t get it right no matter how hard I tried.

Then one afternoon, I had an epiphany! I didn’t leave my room for two days. It was worth it, though. I emerged with the perfect re-arrangement of I’ll Fly Away! All I could do was thank God because I was worried. I should’ve known if it was in His will, He’d give me the sound I needed when the time was right. 

I sent the demo to Devin and we got to work right away. All that was left to complete the song was for the original singer from Paradise to lay her vocals down. Conveniently, that singer is my mom!

Noelette Leader was in Maryland at the time, and I was in Alabama. Our schedules didn’t sync until about a year later, so the release of the album had to be delayed. More waiting. But this song was essential to the project, so waiting was the only option. 

Sometimes, waiting produces the best result.  I’ll Fly Away was worth the wait.

It’s what the song is about. One day soon, Jesus will come back! We have to wait and live our lives for Him. Just like the story, the end will be worth it. Southwest Airlines has this ticket option called “Wanna Get Away?”

My answer is always “YES!!”

We all have situations in life that seem to choke our energy. It can make waiting on God a chore and sometimes, we just need get away.

I used to always tell myself in college, “Grades don’t matter in heaven, Imani.” I was miserable and I had to find something that encouraged me to keep going. Heaven was my escape. 

Let Heaven be your escape. Whatever you’re dealing with here only lasts for a time. Remind yourself to be patient and try to stay positive.

Remember, waiting isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Mani out.

Edited by: K. Valcin

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Can’t Help Myself


“I just can’t help myself ’cause I know that I’ve done wrong. Just to think of where your love placed me, ’cause it’s hell where I belong.”

My brother, Armand, cannot keep a secret. I love him, but if I want to surprise someone with something, the key to successfully executing that surprise is to not tell Armand. He’s not exactly a “blabber mouth”, he just gets so excited that the news wells up in him to the point of it spilling out by accident. He can’t help it! It’s hilarious to experience.

The night before my 19th birthday, Armand told me he was in one of the many countries he often travels to for work. So that night he called me on Skype to wish me a happy birthday and, noticing he was in another airport, I asked him where he was headed. He said “Huntsville.” At the time, I was living in Huntsville, AL. I gave him a look and he immediately realized that he’d ruined his own surprise of coming to visit me for my birthday.

That’s exactly that kind of excitement Can’t Help Myself talks about. God is so good that I have to tell someone!

“I had the chance to walk away when I stood outside. But instead, I walked right in, pulled up a chair, and rolled the dice.”

It’s our human nature to make mistakes and to do the wrong thing. We can’t help it. But when we do, God forgives every time we ask him to! I think that’s something to tell the world about. That’s unconditional love.

Think about this love for a second.

Love that forgets our mistakes.

Love that can only come from God.

“He could’ve stayed in Heaven up above, and kept His precious name spotless like a dove. But my cross He took in love.”

The men and women in the armed forces leave everything to fight for our country, right? What if it was for one person? When Jesus volunteered to leave Heaven, He did it because He couldn’t stomach even one of us being consumed by sin. God’s love for us is very specific. He died for the each member of the entire human race.

That’s why we have to decide for ourselves to give our hearts to Him. Salvation is paid for, but we won’t have it unless we reach out with our hearts and accept it.

I decided to get baptized when was 10 years old. While many people consider that to be too young to make such an important decision, I knew at that moment the time was right. (The time is never wrong for you to give your heart to God.) After my baptism, I remember feeling refreshed as if no guilt could penetrate my mind anymore. That’s what accepting Jesus as your savior is supposed to feel like. Will you sin after you’re baptized? Yes. You will sin multiple times. The difference is that you don’t have to worry about feeling the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Give it to God and try again.

It really is that simple.

That’s why I wrote Can’t Help Myself. God is my savior! Literally! That’s great news! Try it. Try Him.

Joel Osteen, a famous pastor, always closes his sermons by inviting his congregation to pray a prayer that allows those who pray it to give their hearts to God. After the prayer, he says “If you prayed this prayer, we believe that you’re saved.”  I believe it too. If you haven’t already, ask God to forgive you of your sins. Tell Him you want a new start and that you accept Him as your personal savior. Let me know how you feel afterward. I know I felt great!

So I’ll go and tell the ones I know about how far I’ve come. And how now, because of sacrifice, my new home is God’s Kingdom.

Can’t Help Myself.”

Mani out.

Edited by: K. Valcin

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Here With Me

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I’m learning that God will literally do anything for us to be saved. There are things He knows will bring us to Him, and often they’re things that hurt.

I know I haven’t been the only one to get the “this hurts me more than it hurts you” speech right before a spanking as a child. It may have been hard to believe, but God gives us that speech through our trials sometimes. When we suffer, He weeps.

“Here With Me” explains that sometimes we’re going to hurt but its only so that we won’t have to when Jesus comes back. He puts us in situations that will shape our characters for Heaven.

“I don’t care what I have to do to hold you in My arms.”

Though it’s been a few years, it feels like yesterday when my cousin Nathan was killed in a motorcycle accident. I’ve never really spoken about this on a public forum and even as I write this, the tears are welling up. Nathan and I were never close but his death hit me to my core, as it did for a lot of my family members. I often ask God why He allowed Nathan, who was a good man, to go so soon and so tragically.

But that’s just it. I often ask God. Since Nathan’s passing, I talk to God way more than I used to. I also cherish my loved ones more. These were things that were lacking in my life that I believe have made me a better Christian. A better fisher of men. I want to see Nathan again and tell him how his death, though it was painful for me, made me a better person. More than that, God wants to see me. He knew that Nathan’s death would change me. His death still hurts all of my family tremendously but if it brings us closer to Jesus, it’s not in vain.

Remember: with God, there’s always a silver lining in every bad situation.

I know it’s been so hard. I know you feel alone. But you’re not.”

God is literally with us through everything. He allows us to go through incredible trials but He also puts Himself in those trials with us. He’s holding our hand the entire way. Our savior knows that we have made the ultimate Enemy by choosing to follow Christ. The only way to triumph against the ultimate Enemy is to have the “Ultimate Defender” on your team.
Jesus says: “Satan will never touch what is Mine and you are Mine!” I’m grateful that I have God on my side during the trying times in my life.

Life can be difficult and scary, even with God on your side. The good thing is that, with Him, you’ve already won.

That’s the whole point of the song. Be strong. Endure your hard times because you know God is allowing it. The cliché is true. “If He brought you to it, He’ll bring you through it.”

All I really want is for you to be here with Me.

Remember these words. Let them encourage you in whatever it is you’re going through.

Mani out.

Edited by: K. Valcin

A special thank you to Arion Mills for allowing this beautiful song to be apart of my album. 

To hear “Here With Me” and the rest of “Go The Right Way,” visit

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Follow Me

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“Excuse me. Do you know how to get home?”

The song “Follow Me” tells a story about reconnecting with the Creator;

Getting to know Him again, trusting Him again.


I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, you think you trust Him. But is it with a cynic’s trust? Do you trust conditionally? Because it’s something many Christians do to keep themselves from being too vulnerable.

I do.

I’m not very good at accepting help from others. I actually go out of my way to avoid asking for help. I feel like everything I do has to be perfect so I’ll never have to ask anyone for help. It’s a flaw. And there have been times where I’ve had to pay for my stubbornness.

I often do the same thing with God. All He wants is for me to accept His help. I’m learning to move myself out of my own way and allow Him to lead me.

With Him, I don’t need to be perfect.

Without Him, I’m lost.


“I know but it’s hard only for a while. Just take my hand and walk with me another mile.”

God is an interesting guy. He often asks us to follow Him blindly. I think of when Jesus approached Peter and Andrew. These guys were fishermen trying to catch enough fish to provide for their families. Jesus told them to stop doing that and follow Him. Stop working. Stop making money. Can you imagine being in a certain profession for all of your life and suddenly stopping because some stranger told you to do something different? I can. It happened to me.

I had wanted to become a doctor since I was three. I chased that dream all the way through the early part of my college experience.But when I turned 20 I realized I had no desire to be a doctor at all. It was like I had a new mind. I literally woke up one day and said to myself “I don’t want to do this anymore.” To take it a step further, I realized I wanted to pursue a music career in Production.

Understand, I was in my junior year of college. Not the easiest time for a complete 180 degree career switch. But I was no longer passionate about healing the body. I wanted to heal the soul. I wanted to make music. I believe God shifted my desires. That day, God called me to follow Him.

“Don’t worry about it

Stick with me and you’ll get…


Now, I’m twenty-three and I have no job, no house, and no car. I also have people telling me that I’ve made the wrong choice. I’ve had someone tell my mother (in my presence) “I’ll pray for you” after she heard my life’s goals. And with all the opinions about my life floating around in my head, God’s call to “Follow Me” is beginning to sound a bit crazy.

I get confused about the path God’s leading me on. Actually, it seems like there isn’t even a path to follow at all. So I recently had a conversation with God about life. And He told me to “Keep doing what you’re doing.” That’s all. So, here I am following Him blindly like Peter and Andrew.

In that story, Pete and Drew weren’t being called from sin. Jesus wasn’t even petitioning for their salvation. He was recruiting them to become fishers of men, to go and point others to Him. They’d fed enough bodies. It was time for them to feed souls.

Being “Pre-Med” is a good thing to be. It might’ve even been what I was called to do for a time. I’m not sure why God gave me that desire only to take it away; All I know is that He’s called me to be a fisher of men. And in the end, He’ll lead me home.

“Follow Me.

I’ll take you home.

I’ll help you find your way.”

What is God calling you to do? Are you willing to drop everything and follow Him? It’s scary but I can guarantee there’s nothing better than being on the path the Creator has laid out for you. Take His hand. Take a step.

Go The Right Way.

Mani out.

Edited by: K. Valcin

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I’m Grateful

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“Dear Jesus,

I’m very aware that You’re writing this music and I’m just a vessel. With that being said, please use me to write a song for Brandy.



That’s kind of how the music for this song came about. For those of you who know me, I’m Brandy Norwood’s biggest…fan sounds so average…vocal admirer. Her voice makes no sense in a good way. From her range to her agility to the way she puts the most arbitrary (but most fitting) note at the end of a run, she’s simply spectacular. Yeah, I pretty much love her. God knew that, so He allowed my foolish request to be granted. That showed me He cares about the little things except it wasn’t as little as I thought.

After the song and demo were complete, I was sitting at my school’s snack bar lamenting over the fact that I had no “Brandy” to sing this song I’d written specifically for Brandy. “Who on this earth can compare to her wondrous voice?” *insert dramatics here* Then, a very dear friend of mine walked in. Denae Fielder. My favorite! A spotlight couldn’t have made my answer any clearer. I had no problem replacing Brandy with Denae. She had just the musical mind that I needed and of course she had the voice. What made Nae walking into the snack bar so interesting, though, was the fact that I’d been in the snack bar everyday (sometimes all day aka Senioritis) and never seen her there. On the very day of my lamentations, God made Denae hungry for snack bar food. As a Christian its hard to believe in coincidences especially when they result in something distinctly wonderful. This was no coincidence.

Earlier this week, I sent a text message to Devin (my producer) and I asked him to recall his thoughts from when I played the demo for him in his car over a year ago. This is what he said:

“I already heard what the new one [track] would sound like on the first second of listening because we have that kind of connection. I understood what you wanted. It’s always been fun starting from scratch on your new ideas because I can actually vibe out with you on it. The song itself was already great and I knew the message behind it was there. So, I really wanted to level out with you through the instrumentation and have it fit.”

I’m Grateful started off as just a music track. Its hard for me to write a song in pieces. I make the melody as I’m composing the music. I write the lyrics as I’m structuring the flow of the song: intro, verse, chorus, etc. It’s all very chaotic to anyone who isn’t me, actually. This time was different. I remember first completing the music, then the melody, then the lyrics. The writing process for this song was the most organized I’d ever been with my music. I don’t think that’s good or bad. It’s just interesting. I see it as a reminder that God can make anything great. It doesn’t matter if its methodical or unsystematic. If God is in it, good things will come.

The lyrics are interesting to me. I remember when I initially wrote the lyrics, I posted the chorus as a Facebook status. Armand (my brother) fell in love immediately! I can’t quite remember exactly what he commented but I do remember feeling sure that I was on the right track lyrically because of it. At the time, I thought I had very little to be grateful for. I was living in someone else’s home, had no car and no money for food. This song was God’s way of telling me that if those were the things I needed to be grateful, my views were skewed. I had plenty to be grateful for. I was never starving, I never had to sleep in the street, I had amazing friends, and I had a family that loved me! Realizing what I did have led me to thank God for everything, even the things I did not have.

“For giving me grace, for taking my place, for living again, for reigning in heaven. God, I’m grateful.”

What are YOU grateful for?

Mani out.

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Find A Way To Love

Go The Right Way

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Find a way to love.

This song exemplifies one of the principles of going the right way.  Well, remember when I talked about how my goal is to become a good person? I’ve found that showing love is a great place to  start.


Find a way to love


When no one’s around to see you


Find a way to love



In spite of all you’ve been through



Find a way to love



When no one seemed to love you



Find a way to love



‘Cause it’s what we’re supposed to do.


If I could put my experiences of the last four years into words, I would. I can, actually. But, for the sake of not rambling about my problems, I won’t. Just know, homelessness in America is real. My family and I have been going through some hard times and kindness would’ve made a world of a difference. I know, I’m not the only one “going through something” and I feel like not enough people understand the importance of simply being nice.

That’s why I wrote this song. We, as people, should find a way to love. Because, How well you treat others shouldn’t depend on who’s looking, or how many of your own problems you’re dealing with.


I’ll admit, I’m not always the person to jump at the chance to help someone in a bind or even do good things for someone else “just because.” I soothe my conscience by reminding myself of my own problems, and put the responsibility on any one else. That’s a terrible thing! I hate to admit it, but it’s true. Can you imagine how many hearts would be relieved if once a day we did just one thing for someone else, for no benefit of our own?

Can you find a way to love?  Make someone smile. Help someone take out their trash. Help an old lady cross the street (Classic lol). Just DO SOMETHING for someone else!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Believe it or not, you actually do benefit from being selfless. Every time a deed is done in someone else’s favor, YOUR character is being shaped into what it should be. You’re not “good” by default.

I realize its hard for many people to show love to others. However, if one puts enough practice and effort into loving complete strangers regardless of social or financial status, it will become easier. Think of it this way. How would you want people to respond after learning about some state of crisis you were in? Imagine yourself in the position of someone in need and act how you’d hope others would if it were you. This should sound familiar to you by now. Repeat after me: Do unto others…as you would have them…do unto you. The Golden Rule is indeed golden! This goes beyond my Christian background and it stretches into the category of humanity. Punch line: Love people. “‘Cause its what we’re supposed to do.”
Mani out.
Edited By: Kimberly Valcin
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